diet for a new millenium

In the quest to become a better chef and teacher, I have read every book published over the last twenty years about changing the way we eat as a nation. Each one of them says basically the same things about the long term (and short term) costs of a fast food nation and a culture of convenience in food choices. However, what I missed in each wonderful, well thought out and remarkably researched book was the part that taught people WHAT to do instead of by a boxed pre-prepared meal, pull into the nearest drive through or stop at a fast casual dining option. Even the beautifully written and elegant health food cookbooks were written for fellow foodies or to impress our chef friends. We are so busy preaching to the choir we are not confronting the problem of our food supply and the nutritional and dietary issues we are facing as a very fat and very sick nation.  Nowhere was I able to find a basic “How to…” about HOW TO EAT and HOW TO THINK about food choices (and there are many) and how to live better not just for yourself but for your planet. So I decided to write a quick and dirty tell-all ebook on the subject while I’m waiting for my beautifully written cookbook to be published and join the others on the bookshelf. My goal is to be done in three weeks so I will be a bit quiet on the internet. Bear with me. It’s exciting stuff about how to eat, how to shop, what to put in your body, all that label reading stuff in one place so you have a guide for navigating the grocery stores. Plus the “let’s get real” story about our food supply and what you can do to make sure your food is clean, healthy and yummy. In short, a diet for a new millennium.

Ok, so I’m seventeen years late. Better late than never, am I right?



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