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What does it take to love your body?

What does it take to love your body? The question you are probably asking yourself is why you should subscribe to yet another blog. The answer is simple. What you are doing right now is just not working for you. I’m sure you have all tried the same 101 diet books and get fit apps I have in order to

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Self Care 2017

Self Care 2017

Self care is the trending buzzword of 2017. Almost overnight, we have been given ‘permission’ to get the massage, take the day off, take up fencing, buy the dress…Yet, I’m not sure many more of us have an understanding of what self care means, any more than we knew how to pronounce quinoa in 2012. At the deepest level, I

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So what is this about anyway?

What we are going to learn over the next 52 weeks is about so much more than just going to a cooking class at your local trendy organic grocery store or reading yet another cookbook. We are going to begin a journey that is about changing your lifestyle and the way you think about food as a part of your

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Fear is your Friend | Chef Gretchen Hanson

make fear your friend

This is the original version of one of the first posts: Last month, one of my best friends and I were climbing down into a 100 foot deep cenote in the Yucatan. A cenote (z-no-te) is a water filled sinkhole and part of a connected underground river system. All rivers are underground in Mexico and when the limestone above collapses

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Chef Gretchen Hanson

Another Trip Around the Sun

another trip around the sun I have always been deeply dismayed at the idea of starting the New Year in a deprivation mode. The list of resolutions I have made over the last few decades includes literally every goal you can make and fail at repeatedly. I shall lose weight. I shall work out. I shall quit drinking too much. I

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