Roasted Tomato Soup and Spanish Rice

Basics you need to learn so you are not just eye candy in the kitchen The first thing I always do when I get into the kitchen is to check my ‘mise en place.’ These are the basic tools that you need to do the recipes you are going to do and in today’s basic exercise you must have: Garlic

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New Rules

This week I took my daughter, Hadyn, skiing. I have literally missed her childhood. I opened the restaurant when she had just turned three and last week she turned eleven. All the normal early childhood adventures my other two children had enjoyed were just completely skipped. The realization was a growth moment. While I had been around (sort of) I

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Fear is your Friend | Chef Gretchen Hanson

Add a little love to your plate

I’m going to make a few suggestions about how to add in love to your food. Each of these suggestions is guaranteed to create happiness, so only add in as much as you can handle. Pick one or two and  ADD IN for this week. *Create a partnership. Pick a friend, lover, spouse or all three to begin this project

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One plus one equals healthy and happy

Diets work. No question. For a period of time, most people can summon up the will power and discipline to stick to an eating plan that removes the offending foods, reduces their calories and lessens consumption. Then they can go to the gym and increase their metabolism and after a month of hardcore dieting they have lost a significant amount

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Three winter vegetables and how to love them

It’s snowing outside! But inside Mommy is making… Mashed sweet potatoes with walnut praline Spaghetti squash latkes with romesco Butternut squash curry The first big life hack is to leave all squashes whole and cook on a cookie sheet at 350 for 45 minutes to 1 hour. When you can push into the skin about a half inch remove and

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