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the art of eating with deliberation

On the art of eating with deliberation… I have spent most my life eating at the kitchen sink. Literally. Even as a chef (or especially; I don’t know which) I rarely sit down and enjoy a meal with my friends and family at an actual table with actual silverware and actual time to enjoy the experience. I will spend hours

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falling in love

I had fallen in love. Hard, like the cold of the February wind outside and as if it was the first time. My daughter called it ‘stupid happy’ because I walked around with a silly grin on my face all the time like life was unbearably joyful. And it was. Unbearably. Full. Of. Joy. I said these words rolling them

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besame la ultima vez

When Nicky was little, we lived in an old grey farm house on the path of one of George Washington’s marches. Or at least that is what I was told, and I preferred to believe it was true. The house had a cellar that dated back to the mid 1700’s. The rest of the rooms had been added on in

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power booty

Power bars are our big struggle at the grocery store. They are expensive, addictive and many are very high in processed sugars. Hadyn only wants blueberry, I only want no HFCS. We stand there for at least twenty minutes every time negotiating. Solution: Make your own. Sadly, Hadyn was not with me to make the video for this one but

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The show goes on

Food is symbolic of love when words are inadequate – Maya Angelou It was a spectacularly lousy week. A person in my orbit decided that my birthday was the occasion to blame me for everything wrong in their life. Despite knowing his deep depressions precede the need to pick a fight I absorbed and believed it most of the week.

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