Eating Healthy During Times of Food Insecurity

Often during uncertain we don’t have a lot of choices over what food we would like to consume. Either from financial necessity, scarcity, or lack of choice we may have to simply make do with what is available. One of the most difficult challenges may be continuing to eat healthy during these times. A couple of general guidelines can help

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Coronavirus-COVID-19 | Chef Gretchen Hanson

New Rules 2

NEW RULES We live in interesting times. Unsettling, chaotic and scary events are occurring daily around us and they are completely outside of our personal control. The only option we have is to focus on what we can do to make our internal world more safe, calm and peaceful. I have made up a few new rules to help my

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edibles anyone | Chef Gretchen Hanson

edibles anyone?

So ….first, the disclaimer. Marijuana is a misdemeanor in Delaware unless it is prescribed by a medical professional. A friend of mine suffers from chronic pain from an accident 30 years ago and up until last year was taking Oxy for pain. A LOT of Oxy… It was suggested that she try to use medical marijuana instead and she is

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all about the pumpkin…

It’s all about the pumpkin this time of year, and if you are anything like me that is pretty much my favorite part of the season. PUMPKIN TACOS 1 lb spiralized butternut or sweet potato or cubed winter squash 1 TB extra virgin olive 1 tsp cumin 1 chipotle with juice, smashed 1 sweet red pepper sliced in ¼ inch

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Chef Gretchen Hanson | ramen

You had me at ramen

You had me at ramen…. Lucky me. Miyagi’s owner and chef, Kim Jeong Hoon, did my podcast Food Therapy with me this week. Born in Korea, Kim (as he is commonly known) brings to his passion for Asian food to our little corner of the world. Miyagi’s has traditional Japanese style ramen which Kim hearned how to prepare from a

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