Homestead Gardens and Chesapeake Harvest

homestead gardens & chesapeake harvest

February and March are really long months. Crazy long. Hadyn had her Disney thing with the Milton Theatre and Holly had Mock Trial Championships with Sussex Central They both were enthusiastic about their different endeavors and I was so lucky to be able to join them both this year. Hadyn’s performance is here: Posted… Continue Reading

my america too

My America, too

My America, too I didn’t plan to be heading south towards Charlottesville, Virginia after the alt-right demonstration this past August. But I didn’t try to change my plans either. I am possessed simultaneously with contradictory personal gifts. I am a profound chaos magnet, but also the recipient of amazing travel karma. This has been manifested… Continue Reading

this is what middle-aged looks like


Middle-Aged “This is what fifty looks like.” Gloria Steinem I have always hated my birthday. Not just hated, loathed, with a deep visceral anathema that is far more complicated than sheer vanity. And before you even ask, no, it is not obscenely old and I don’t look too much off what you would probably guess… Continue Reading

big birthday bash!

big birthday bash!

You are cordially invited to my BIG BIRTHDAY BASH The first of February at Grotto Pizza 36 Rehoboth Ave, RB Delaware. Don’t know if you saw the post on Facebook a month ago when I asked what I should do for my birthday. Winning idea was a party to benefit a cause. So that led… Continue Reading

holly stories

holly stories

Holly stories When my daughter, Holly, was five, a town in El Salvador flooded, leaving all its residents homeless, and many of the children orphans. The church we belonged to in Baltimore was sending a cargo plane down 24 hours later, and put out an emergency call to all parishioners to help fill the plane… Continue Reading

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