#metoo Exactly three years ago this week Anne Coulter made a statement about campus rape stating that “women who say they are raped are just trying to get attention.” She further elaborated on this paradoxical statement by stating, “what crime do people keep to themselves” because if they do, a real crime obviously didn’t occur.… Continue Reading

quick and easy party tricks!

quick and easy party tricks!

Quick and easy party tricks to make entertaining a breeze! Posted by Gretchen Hanson on Saturday, December 16, 2017 PLACE TO BUY THE REALLY COOL SPICES! https://www.etsy.com/shop/NevaehIndustries ARTICHOKE OLIVE TAPENADE 2 cups green manzanilla olives plus juice to cover 1 cup artichoke hearts drained 1 cup roasted red peppers drained ¼ tsp red pepper flakes… Continue Reading


a little bundle of white fur named adele

Adele When my daughters were six and twelve we decided to get them a dog. I’m not sure whose idea it was first, mine or Hadyn’s father, but we decided it would be a good way for them to adjust to our changing family structure since I had just moved in with Michael. Their father… Continue Reading

It's cooked

It’s cooked!

It’s cooked!, today’s guest post, was brought to you by Kristen Homan and NevaehIndustries You can find her seasonings on Etsy by following the link above and in Milton at The Suburban Farmhouse 108 Federal Street Big TA’s You’re My Everything Seez’nan Dip Big TA is a nod to everything bagel seasoning – but it’s… Continue Reading

life lessons of a single working mother

macaroni and mommy time

Life Lessons from a single, working mother    When I was a little girl, I was raised by a single teenage mom. My upbringing was a tragedy in every way possible. I didn’t know much about parenting when I had my eldest daughter at twice her age. As a survivor of child abuse, the biggest strength I had when I became a mother… Continue Reading

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