about Gretchen

about Gretchen

Food is love

I believe that we care for the people we love with food. In my 30 year career as a chef and a teacher I have found that the most important commonality we all share is the ability to love one another and love ourselves through the foods we eat.

Food is the universal language that we all speak, We can communicate on a visceral level our deepest passions. You want happiness? What do you turn to? You are sad? What comforts you?

A well chosen and loving meal is indeed the universal truth of our species.

In my darkest hours I have turned to food. In my happiest moments I have cooked for the people I love. When I am sad, I cook. When I am happy, I cook. When I love, I cook. The way we nourish ourselves and one another is at the very heart of what I teach. It is at the very heart of who I am.

I believe that a life well lived is a life well fed. I believe that you can reinvent your life and your very intention and direction by cooking with intention.

A well deserved meal is the magic of alchemy combined with a loving hug .

A loving meal from someone that loves you can cure the worst day or cement your greatest success.


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