Kim Camp

Kim Camp

Kim Constable is awe inspiring.

Not only is she one of the most stunning women weight lifters to ever perform a dead lift, she is the mother of four AND a vegan.

In fact I don’t think it too brash a statement to say, she is living proof that you can be anything you want to be; stereotypes be damned.

When I found her website I was so impressed that I reached out to her with a gushy fan girl email.

Guess what? She’s as nice as she is stunning.

I have a confession: I hate to lift. I know it’s one of the best exercises for slowing the aging process but I just have never been able to do it consistently. I can run and bike till I pass out, but even one rep of weights makes me run screaming from the gym.

Kim has graciously offered to webhost a seven day KimCamp to help me, and every one of my friends, kick start a fitness regimen. She will provide moral, video and guru support. She has put her videos in a YouTube “skip to the next exercise’ format.

The week before we kick off I will do a series of videos on grocery store tactics, shopping and easy prep on my FB feed. Her recipes are plant based and easy and I will supplement some health coaching exercises for my friends as well as a series of “I love my body” exercises.

Dates for KimCamp will be July 31 to August 7

Sign up for her plan at

Who is with me?
PS I will be posting my own butt baring bikini pics at the end of the seven days but ONLY if I get a minimum of twenty people to join in the program with me.

if you are in send me an email or post on my FB timeline xog

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