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food is love

I believe that #foodislove and everyone can learn how to cook themselves happy and healthy by eating whole foods made from scratch.

If we want to remake the way we relate to food, and reclaim the loving nature of food, we need to start over again with how we actually approach the process of eating. We need to learn how to decide we are hungry, examine how we make the food choices that nourish us, explore how we eat deliberately and regain our appreciation of the healing sustenance of good food.

It’s all interrelated of course, this divine body you inhabit and the way you choose to treat it. Whomever you believe created you, it was done in a spectacular manner. Now, it is now your turn to care for this truly perfect machine if you wish it to work the way it was intended. Those are big subjects and what I will do is break them down into the parts of the learning experience within the kitchen.

I want you to be well and to learn to cook food that fills you with joy. I will send each subscriber to my blog my new eBook “DIET FOR A NEW MILLENNIUM” as soon as it is published (2017). Included in this book are a pantry list, recipes, and information about whole foods and whole grains. With this book, I will help you remake the way you relate to food and reclaim its loving nature. I will help you find your perfect wellness one mouthful at a time.


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